Commercial Property Development & Asset Management Fund


AGADRO PRIME™ Corporation
Secure System for Property Information Management of Tokens
based on Scalable, Secure Blockchain Technologies and Infrastructure

AGADRO PRIME™ Corporation

AGADRO PRIME™ Corporation will be one of the first companies in the world to offer all aspects of the process of Real Estate Management using virtual tokens, based on the services of the secure system to be established as a Property Information Management Environment (PRIME™) based on blockchain technologies and infrastructure. The system will manage both types of AGADRO tokens: AGADRO Services Tokens “AST”, which will be used to pay for AGADRO PRIME™ Corporation services, and AGADRO Investment Tokens “AIT”, which will be used for tokenized investments and ownership in real estate assets of the AGADRO Corporation.

Blockchain for Real Estate Property Management

• Instantaneous peer-to-peer transactions: The blockchain enables execution of direct peer-to-peer transactions in real time and the full settlement of recorded events, in that way removing long transaction execution delays and reducing risk, but also eliminating the possibilities to charge-back or cancel transactions. • Global environment without trusted third parties: Blockchain technology supports validation of parties and transactions based on cryptographic transformations and in that way allowing any two parties to transact directly with each other without the need for a trusted third party. • Secure distributed ledger: Global distributed network with synchronization and consensus protocols distributes and archives all application and transaction records as a public history/ledger of transactions. The servers in the ledger are distributed and highly available, so they also retain parameters that can be used to establish a proof that the transaction was performed between two parties. • Immutable / irreversible records: The ledger contains verifiable records of every transaction, each protected with special cryptographic parameters, which mitigates the risk of removing, inserting or modifying and any other possibility of illegal or accidental manipulation with transactions. • Resistance to censorship: The ledger operates under certain protocol which may be community–based, if the ledger is public or may be created and regulated by authorities operating permissioned ledgers.

AGADRO Ecosystem

The AGADRO Ecosystem as the global financial infrastructure will be supported by the sophisticated, secure, and global blockchain system – AGADRO PRIME™ System. The focus of AGADRO Group’s attention is to create the best conditions where token holders can easily invest and exchange tokens in a diversified property portfolio with significantly lower costs, without unnecessary mediators, providing transparency, liquidity, and greater investment returns compared with the current standard investment instruments. ASTs and AITs will be traded simpler, faster and cheaper than on a conventional stock markets and by easing cross-border transactions under one property Fund. AGADRO Corporation will manage the property development process from the beginning to end, thus providing higher returns and minimum expenses. Through the AGADRO PRIME™ System investors will get the advantage of High Yielding Investments and direct equity ownership. Investment properties shall be acquired, developed and managed for rental income. AGADRO Corporation will acquire, construct or revamp shopping centers, malls, hotels, housing developments, filling stations etc. for rental income to obtain the highest return for investment. To attain these objectives, an initial token offering (ITO) of ASTs will be conducted by the AGADRO PRIME™ Corporation. The offering will be based on a virtual currency token known as an AGADRO Services Token (“AST”). Funds raised by the ITO of the ASTs will be used as operational capital for the development of the AGADRO PRIME™ System. Once developed, that platform will be used for repetitive offerings of AITs as investments in the numerous earmarked properties for development. AGADRO’s strategic aim is for initial investors to invest in the AGADRO PRIME™ System with a concrete foundation, minimal investment and global access to system functions and services directly from a AGADRO PRIME™ Wallet which will ensure easy and secure access to the AGADRO PRIME™ System through the Internet and all its applications.

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